Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Mediterranean cruise

I enjoyed a fantastic cruise around the Mediterranean. When we stopped off at Athens I visited the National Archaeological Museum.

This is an Artemision bronze ca. 460BC. It was found in 1926 when it got caught up in fishing nets, what a catch ;-). The attention to detail is excellent.

This illustrates the moulding technique used to cast a small statue. This caught my eye, as I've done injection mould design myself. I didn't know they were creating cavity moulds with runner systems in the 5th century BC :-o.

Another Artemision bronze from ca. 150 BC, found by fishermen 1928. What an expressive and dynamic piece of art, makes me wonder what other riches lay undiscovered on the sea bed.

An incredible Athenian marble high relief, second century BC. It was found in 1948 near Kolonos Square. The saddle is a panther skin.

Beautifully designed gold spiral bracelet. Women with jewelery of this quality must have looked spectacular. Wish I knew more about this piece.

The torso of a Roman emperor, cool breastplate ;-).